How Do I Add a User to My ADT Alarm

Are you looking to add a new user to your ADT alarm system? This simple guide on how do I add a user to my ADT alarm, will walk you through the steps of adding a new user and ensuring their access is properly set up.

How Do I Add a User to My ADT Alarm

Adding a user to your ADT alarm system can enhance the security and convenience of your home by allowing multiple individuals to access and manage the system. Whether you need to grant temporary access to a house sitter, provide permanent access to family members, or establish distinct user codes for each individual, the process is straightforward.

This guide will cover the steps for adding a new user to both basic keypad and touchscreen ADT alarm systems.

What Will You Need?

Before starting the process of adding a new user, it’s important to have a few things on hand:

  • Your ADT alarm passcode
  • The desired four-digit user code for the new user
  • The name and contact information for the new user

Once you have these items ready, you can begin setting up the new user in your ADT account.

10 Easy Steps on How Do I Add a User to My ADT Alarm

Step 1. Log into Your ADT Account:

To begin, you’ll need to log into your ADT account. You can do this through the ADT Control app on your mobile device or by visiting the ADT website. Enter your username and password to access your account.

Step 2. Access the System Management Menu:

After Logging Into Your Adt Account

After logging into your ADT account, navigate to the main dashboard. From here, look for the “System Management” or “Settings” option, which is usually represented by a gear or wrench icon. Click on this option to access the system management menu where you can manage various settings for your alarm system, including user management.

Step 3. Select ‘Manage Users’:

In the system management menu, locate the “Manage Users” option. This section is specifically designed to handle the user profiles attached to your ADT alarm system. Click on “Manage Users” to open a list of current users. Here, you can view, edit, or delete existing user profiles and add new ones.

Step 4. Add a New User:

Within the “Manage Users” section, you will find an “Add User” button or option. Click on this to initiate adding a new user to your system. This process will prompt you to enter specific details about the new user, such as their name and contact information.

Step 5. Enter User Details:

A form will appear for you to fill in the new user’s details. At a minimum, you’ll need to enter their name and a four-digit code that they will use to access the alarm system. Be sure to choose a unique code that is easy for them to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Step 6. Assign User Access:

After entering the user’s details, you will be prompted to assign access levels for the new user. This step is crucial as it allows you to control the level of access and permissions the new user will have. Typically, access levels can range from basic to full system control. For instance:

Select the Appropriate Access Level Based
  • Basic Access: This level allows the user to arm and disarm the system but restricts them from changing system settings.
  • Intermediate Access: In addition to arming and disarming, the user can view system logs and receive alerts.
  • Full Access: This grants the user complete control over the system, including modifying settings, adding or removing other users, and accessing all system logs and reports.

Carefully select the appropriate access level based on the new user’s role and trust level. For example, a family member or trusted roommate might warrant full access, while a house sitter may only need basic or intermediate access.

Step 7. Save User Profile:

Once you have assigned the appropriate access level to the new user, review all the details you have entered. Make sure the user’s name, contact information, and access permissions are all correct.

After confirming that everything is accurate, click the “Save” or “Submit” button to finalize the addition of the new user to your ADT alarm system. The system may prompt you to enter your master code or password one more time to authorize the changes.

Step 8. Confirm User Addition:

After saving the new user’s profile, the system will typically display a confirmation message indicating that the user has been successfully added. This may also be accompanied by an email or SMS notification sent to your registered contact address. It is a good practice to verify this confirmation to ensure that there were no errors in the process.

Additionally, double-check that the new user’s code is active and functioning correctly by having the new user login and perform basic tasks such as arming or disarming the system. This step not only confirms that the setup was successful but also familiarizes the new user with the ADT system.

Step 9. Inform the New User:

Notify the new user about their added access and provide them with their four-digit code. Ensure they understand their access level and how to operate the alarm system. If necessary, provide a brief tutorial or written instructions on how to use the ADT alarm system, including arming and disarming procedures and any other relevant functions they might need to use.

Step 10. Test the New User Code:

After informing the new user and providing them with their four-digit code, testing the new user code is essential to ensure it works correctly. Start by having the new user enter their code to arm and disarm the system. Observe the process to confirm that the alarm system responds appropriately to their input.

New User Enter Their Code

Testing the new user code serves multiple purposes:

  • Verification: Ensures that the code is entered correctly into the system and functions as expected.
  • Training: Provides the new user with hands-on experience in operating the system, reinforcing their understanding and confidence in using it.
  • Troubleshooting: If any issues arise, testing allows for immediate identification and resolution, such as correcting an improperly entered code or addressing any system errors.

If the test is successful, congratulate the new user on their new access and remind them of any important security practices, such as not sharing their code with others. Additionally, they should be comfortable with the procedures for contacting ADT support in case they encounter any issues in the future.

By following these steps, you can easily and securely add a new user to your ADT alarm system, enhancing the overall security and convenience for everyone involved.

6 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Verify User Permissions: Ensure that the new user has the correct level of access. ADT systems allow you to designate different user roles, such as Master, Guest, or Duress. Assign the appropriate role based on the individual’s needs and responsibilities.
  2. Use the ADT Control App: The ADT Control app can simplify the process of adding a new user. Access the app, navigate to the “Users” section, and follow the prompts to add a new user. This method is convenient, especially if you prefer managing your system remotely.
  3. Keep Security Codes Confidential: When creating a new user, it’s crucial to keep their security codes confidential. Share the codes through secure channels and avoid writing them down in easily accessible places to maintain the integrity of your security system.
When Creating a New User
  1. Use a Unique User Code: Consider using a unique user code for each individual. This allows you to track who is arming and disarming your system in case of any security breaches or false alarms.
  2. Regularly Review User Permissions: As your security needs may change over time, it’s essential to review user permissions periodically. Remove access for individuals who no longer require it and update permissions for new roles or responsibilities.
  3. Train Users on System Usage: It’s crucial to educate all users on how to properly use the ADT system, including arming and disarming the system, using security codes, and responding to alarms. This will ensure that everyone is well-prepared in case of an emergency.

These additional tips and tricks can help you maximize the functionality and security of your ADT system. By following these best practices, you can effectively manage user permissions and ensure the safety of your home or business.

Consider Using a Unique User Code


Adding a user to your ADT alarm system is a straightforward process that ensures enhanced security and convenient management. By following the outlined step-by-step guide, verifying user permissions, utilizing the ADT Control app, and keeping security codes confidential, you can seamlessly integrate new users into your security framework.

Regular review of user permissions and providing thorough training on system usage will further safeguard your home or business. Adhering to these best practices allows you to maintain an efficient and secure environment, making the most out of your ADT alarm system.

Hopefully, the article on how do i add a user to my adt alarm system has provided you with all the necessary information and tips to successfully add a new user to your system. Thank you for choosing ADT for your security needs, and remember to regularly review and update your system’s user permissions for optimal protection. 

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