How to Hide a Spare Key for an Apartment

Are you in need of a spare key for your apartment? If so, you’ll want to make sure that it’s hidden securely and safely.

Living in a rental space can be tricky when it comes to finding creative ways of hiding spare keys. Whether you regularly give friends and family access to your apartment or just need backups if you get locked out, knowing where to hide a spare key is essential but not always obvious.

How to Hide a Spare Key for an Apartment

Fortunately, with a little creativity, there are several ways that you can stash your spares without compromising the security of your home. From covert nooks and crannies outside the apartment door to cleverly disguising them as parts of decorations inside – we’re bringing you all the best tips on how to hide a spare key for an apartment so that they remain secure while still being readily available if needed!

What Will You Need?

Before you begin, make sure that you have the following items on hand:

  1. A spare set of keys for your apartment
  2. A strong adhesive or double sided tape
  3. A waterproof sealant (optional)
  4. Any additional decorations/craft supplies needed to disguise the key.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get creative with your hiding spot!

10 Easy Steps on How to Hide a Spare Key for an Apartment

Step 1: Magnetic Key Holder.

Make use of a magnetic key holder attached to the underside of your apartment door or balcony railing. This is an easy way to keep spare keys safely out of sight while still remaining accessible in case of emergency. You can find these online or at many home improvement stores.

Step 2: Fake Rock.

Disguise your key inside a fake rock or other inconspicuous container and place it amongst the existing greenery outside your apartment door. This is a great way to blend in with nature and keep your spare keys secure from prying eyes! If you choose to use this method, make sure to use a waterproof sealant on the rock so that it doesn’t get damaged by rain or snow.

Disguise Your Key Inside a Fake Rock

Step 3: Under Door Mat.

The classic under-the-door mat hiding spot for spare keys is still one of today’s most effective methods. Make sure to use double sided tape or adhesive to secure the key beneath the mat so that outsiders cannot easily spot it. Don’t forget to choose a mat that is large and heavy enough so it won’t blow away.

Step 4: Decorative Fixture Inside Your Apartment.

For an extra layer of security, consider hiding your spare key inside a decorative fixture in your apartment. This could be anything from a candle holder to an ornamental vase or even a picture frame. Just make sure that it’s securely fastened and not too obvious!

Step 5: Fake Drain Cover.

If you live in an apartment building with communal outdoor spaces, try attaching a fake drain cover over the real one and placing your spare key securely underneath. Make sure to use waterproof sealant to ensure that the key remains safe from the elements. Otherwise, a regular drain cover works just as well.

Step 6: Deadbolt Lockbox.

A deadbolt lockbox is an easy way to keep keys secure without having to hide them at all! Simply attach the box to the outside of your apartment door and store your spare keys safely inside. As an added bonus, you can give friends and family access to the box without having to worry about them having a physical key.

Step 7: Window Box or Flower Pot.

For a more subtle approach, try placing your spare key inside a window box or flower pot in a nearby area. Not only will this help keep the key from prying eyes, it will also add an extra decorative touch to your outdoor space! Be careful not to use anything too big or noticeable – you want this hiding spot to remain discreet.

Step 8: Hollowed Out Book.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stash your spare key without anyone noticing, consider hollowing out a book and hiding the key between its pages. Just make sure that the book is heavy enough not to be easily moved. Otherwise, you may have some unwelcome visitors!

Step 9: Fake Sprinkler Head.

This clever trick may take a bit of extra effort, but it’s definitely worth it in the end! Create your own fake sprinkler head out of clay or plastic and attach it to your garden hose. Place your spare key inside before burying the head in an inconspicuous spot nearby.

Step 10: In Your Wallet or Purse.

Last but not least, always keep a spare set of keys in your wallet or purse. Just in case you ever find yourself locked out! This is a great way to ensure that you always have access to a backup plan if needed.

Keep a Spare Set of Keys in Your Wallet

With these ten simple steps on how to hide a spare key for an apartment, you’ll never find yourself locked out again! Just remember to choose a secure hiding spot – and don’t forget to keep your spare keys in a safe place.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Put your spare key in a magnetic box and attach it to the underside of a piece of furniture. This might be your couch, armchair, bed frame, or any other piece of furniture that doesn’t get moved around often.

2. Use an old food container and hide it in your garden or a nearby flower pot. Just make sure the container is well-covered and not easy to spot!

3. Put your spare key in a plastic bag and bury it in the ground near your door, but still far enough away so that it’s not too obvious.

4. Get creative with fake rock! Buy a fake rock at any home improvement store and use it to conceal your spare key. It looks like part of the landscape, but only you know where your real key is hidden!

5. If you have roommates or family members who can also access your apartment, give them a spare key too. That way, you can always rely on someone to have access to your apartment in case of an emergency.

No matter which option you choose, make sure that you keep your spare key safe and secure! With these tricks, it should be easy for you to hide a spare key for your apartment without any worries.

Keep Your Spare Key Safe

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid hiding the key outside the door or in a planter near the entrance. This is one of the most common spots burglars look for spare keys.

2. Don’t hide your key in a mailbox, under a doormat, or any other obvious spots; these are easy targets for thieves to find your spare key.

3. Never leave a spare key with someone who doesn’t live in your building; you never know who may get access to it and use it without your permission.

4. Don’t keep more than one copy of the key; if you have multiple copies, everyone will know where each set is located, making them vulnerable to being stolen easily.

5. Don’t leave the key out for someone to pick up; if you are expecting a guest and need them to be able to access the apartment, it is better to have them call you when they arrive so that you can meet them at the door and give them the spare key. If you hide it, ensure it’s not too obvious or in an easily-spotted location.

Hiding your spare key properly allows you peace of mind while ensuring that no one unauthorized can enter your home. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your key will remain safe and secure!

Is It Safe to Hide a Spare Key?

Yes, it is safe to hide a spare key as long as you do so in a secure location. There are many options to choose from when it comes to hiding your spare key. Just ensure that any passersby cannot easily spot the spot you select and cannot be accessed without force.

Another tip is to add an extra layer of security by getting a lock box for your spare key. Lockboxes allow you to store your keys securely while also granting access only to those with the correct combination code or access card.

This way, even if someone does find your spare key, they won’t be able to get into the apartment unless they have the correct code or card!

Extra Layer of Security by Getting a Lock Box


As you can see, there are a variety of methods on how to hide a spare key for an apartment. Depending on the situation, one method may be more suitable than another. It is important to remember that no matter which method you choose, it can lead to serious repercussions if done incorrectly.

Always be sure to keep safety in mind when hiding or storing a spare key, from who could potentially find the key to how secure the hiding spot is or should be.

All in all, if done correctly, having hidden spare keys for any building- whether an apartment or otherwise- can come with great convenience and serve as a lifesaver in certain situations.

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