How to Identify Kwikset Model Number

Kwikset is a well-known brand in the lock industry, providing customers with top-quality locks for their homes and businesses. However, with so many models available, it can be challenging to identify which specific model you have installed on your doors.

How to Identify Kwikset Model Number

Knowing the model number of your Kwikset lock is crucial when it comes to replacing or upgrading parts or even purchasing a new lock. In this guide, we will walk you through how to identify Kwikset model number, so you can easily find the right parts or replacements for your lock.

Why is It Important to Identify the Kwikset Model Number?

Knowing the model number of your Kwikset lock is essential for a few reasons. First, it allows you to find compatible parts and replacements for your lock. Kwikset has a wide range of models, and each one may have different dimensions or specifications. Knowing the model number lets you purchase the correct parts to fit your lock perfectly.

Additionally, identifying the Kwikset model number can help you determine the level of security provided by your lock. Some models may have more advanced features and technology, making them more secure than others. Knowing the model number lets you research and better understand your lock’s capabilities.

Furthermore, if you ever need to contact Kwikset customer support for assistance or warranty purposes, they may ask for the model number of your lock. This information is readily available, which can save time and ensure you receive the correct help or replacement parts.

Understanding Kwikset Model Numbers

Kwikset model numbers typically consist of a series of letters and numbers. The first few letters indicate the type or series of the lock, while the following numbers represent specific features or finishes. For example, a model number starting with “KW” may indicate it is a Kwikset Signature Series lock, while “CS” may signify a Contemporary Series lock.

Keyless Entry or a Deadbolt

The numbers following the letters may indicate specific features such as keyless entry or a deadbolt. The last few letters or numbers usually represent the lock’s finish, such as satin nickel or polished brass. Understanding this format can help you decipher a Kwikset model number and narrow your search for replacement parts or upgrades.

11 Best Ways on How to Identify Kwikset Model Number

1. Check the Packaging or Manual:

The easiest way to identify your Kwikset lock’s model number is to check the packaging or manual that came with it. The model number is usually listed on a sticker on the box or inside the manual. This should be the first place to look if you still have them. If not, you can try the following methods. This is especially helpful if you recently purchased or installed the lock.

2. Examine the Lock Face:

The face of your Kwikset lock may also have a model number engraved on it. Look for any numbers or letters on the edge of the latch or above the keyhole. You may need to clean off any dust or debris to see the numbers clearly. This method may only work for some models, but it is worth checking. It may also be inaccurate if you have multiple locks with the same face design.

3. Look for a Stamp on the Back:

Some Kwikset models have a stamp or label on the back of the lock that indicates its model number. This may be located under the cover plate or within the lock’s inner mechanism. You may need to remove some screws or the cover plate to find the stamp. Once again, this method may only work for some models, but it is worth a try. Make sure to keep track of any screws or pieces you remove for reassembly. 

4. Take a Picture and Search Online:

If you cannot find the model number on your lock, try photographing it and doing an online search. Kwikset has a helpful tool on their website where you can upload an image of your lock, and they will provide information about the model.

This can save time and effort, especially if you need clarification on which numbers or letters on the lock are relevant. This method can also be helpful if the model number is partially worn or faded on your lock.

5. Look at Similar Models:

Try Looking at Similar Models

If you cannot find the exact model number of your Kwikset lock, try looking at similar models online or in-store. You can identify your lock’s series or type and narrow your search based on features or finishes.

This can help if you have an older lock with a faded model number or if parts are no longer available for your specific model. If you are unsure, you can always contact Kwikset customer support for assistance.

6. Use the Kwikset App:

Kwikset also has a helpful app that identifies your lock model by scanning its barcode or QR code. This method is quick and accurate but may only work for newer models as older ones may not have barcodes. Additionally, you will need a smartphone or device with the app installed for this method to work. The app can also provide helpful information about your lock, including its features and technical specs.

7. Visit a Hardware Store:

If you still need help identifying your Kwikset model number, consider taking your lock to a hardware store with Kwikset products. The staff can help you identify the model number based on its appearance or by comparing it to similar models in store. They may also have access to Kwikset resources or databases that can assist in identifying the lock.

8. Contact Kwikset Customer Support:

If all else fails, you can always contact Kwikset customer support for assistance with identifying your model number. You can reach them by phone, email, or through their website. Ensure you have any relevant information or photos of your lock ready to provide a quicker and more accurate response. This method may be especially helpful if you need to order replacement parts or have a warranty issue.

9. Check for Recalls:

Kwikset Lock May Have Been Part of a Recall

In rare cases, your Kwikset lock may have been part of a recall. If you are unsure of the model number and need help finding it through other methods, try checking for any recalls on the Kwikset website or through the government’s recall website. This can provide important information about your lock and may also help identify the model number.

10. Look for Identifying Features:

Even if you cannot find the exact model number of your Kwikset lock, you may be able to identify its features or series based on its appearance. For example, some models have specific keyways or designs to help narrow the search. Additionally, certain series may only come in specific finishes or have distinct features such as SmartKey technology. This method may require some research and comparison, but it can be helpful if all other methods fail.

11. Read Kwikset Model Numbers:

Lastly, familiarize yourself with Kwikset’s model number format to make identifying future locks easier. Remember that the first few letters usually indicate the series, followed by numbers for features and letters or numbers for finishes.

This knowledge can save time and effort in the future when searching for specific models or parts.  Identifying your Kwikset lock’s model number may require some effort and research, but ensuring accurate information when purchasing replacement parts or upgrades is worth it.  

Following these methods and keeping track of your lock’s model number can also be helpful for warranty purposes or if you need to contact Kwikset customer support in the future. Also, remember that taking proper care of your lock can help it last longer and make identifying its model number easier in the future.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your lock can also prevent issues and extend its lifespan.   So, it is essential to take the time and effort to properly identify your Kwikset lock’s model number for future reference.  Keep these methods in mind when examining your lock, and consider keeping a record of the model numbers for all of your locks for easier identification in the future. Happy locking! 

Additional Tips and Tricks to Identify Kwikset Model Number

1. If you have access to the lock, look for a model number or manufacturer’s code on the inner side of the lock mechanism. This can usually be found on a metal plate attached to the backside of the lock.

2. If there is no visible model number on the lock, try searching for it online using any names or numbers engraved on it. Many manufacturers have databases where you can enter this information to find the corresponding model number.

3. Contact Kwikset’s customer service for assistance if you cannot find any identifying numbers on the lock. They can help you identify the model based on your description or a photo of the lock.

Contact Kwikset's Customer Service

4. Another helpful tip is to look for any paperwork or manuals that came with the lock when it was originally purchased. The model number may be listed there.

5. If you still have trouble identifying the model, contact a locksmith or hardware store for assistance. They may have experience with Kwikset locks and be able to help you identify the model.

6. Remember that some models may have been discontinued or have different names, so be open to finding alternative model numbers that are similar to the one you are searching for.

7. Once you have identified the model number, it may also be helpful to note the lock’s finish and other features. This can come in handy if you need to replace or repair parts in the future.

8. If nothing else fails, you can always contact Kwikset’s customer service for help. Their team of experts can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding their products.

9. Remember to keep your model number safe and refer to it whenever necessary. This will save you time and hassle when dealing with your Kwikset lock in the future.

10. Lastly, feel free to ask for help identifying your Kwikset model number. With the right resources and assistance, you will be able to find the information you need. 

Following these tips and tricks will make identifying your Kwikset model number easier and ensure you have all the necessary information for future use. By taking the time to properly identify your lock, you can ensure that any replacements or repairs are done accurately and efficiently.

Remember to always keep track of your model number and other important details, as they can prove to be valuable in the long run.  So, don’t hesitate to use these tips and tricks to make your Kwikset lock identification process a breeze. Good luck!

Things You Should Consider to Kwikset Your Home Security

1. The first thing to consider when Kwiksetting your home security is the type of lock you want to install. Various options are available in the market, including traditional key locks, keypad locks, and smart locks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to research and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Consider the Security Level You Want

2. It’s also important to consider the security level you want for your home. Some locks offer basic security, while others have advanced features like alarm systems and remote access control. Assess the potential risks in your area and choose a lock that will provide adequate protection.

3. The location of the lock is another crucial factor to consider. For example, a front door lock may require different specifications than a backyard gate lock. Make sure to choose a lock that is suitable for the specific location and its intended purpose.

4. When selecting a lock, it must be of high quality and can withstand tampering or external force. Look for locks with strong materials like steel or brass and ones that have high-security ratings from reputable organizations.

5. Consider the lock’s maintenance and upkeep. Some locks may require frequent cleaning and oiling to function properly, while others are low-maintenance. Choosing a lock you can easily maintain is important to ensure its longevity.

6. Another factor to consider is the lock’s compatibility with other security systems in your home. If you have a home security system, ensure the lock is compatible and can work together seamlessly.

7. It’s also crucial to consider the warranty and after-sales support for the lock you choose. A reputable company will offer a warranty and provide reliable customer service in case of any issues or concerns with your lock.

8. Lastly, make sure to install the lock correctly according to manufacturer instructions or hire a professional locksmith to do so. A properly installed lock will function effectively and provide maximum security for your home.

By considering these factors when Kwiksetting your home security, you can ensure that you choose the right lock for your specific needs and provide adequate protection for your home and family. It’s always better to invest in a reliable and high-quality lock than to risk the safety of your home.

Choose the Right Lock for Your Specific Needs

Stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to effectively Kwikset your home security. Remember, keeping your home secure is an ongoing process, so make sure to regularly check and maintain your locks for optimal performance.  So, stay safe and secure with a well-Kwikset home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Digits is a Kwikset Model Number?

A Kwikset model number is typically 6 digits long. However, there are some exceptions where it may be longer or shorter. The first three digits represent the lock series, while the last three digits are specific to a particular product within that series.

What Do the Numbers on My Kwikset Lock Mean?

The numbers on your Kwikset lock can provide valuable information about its model and features. The first number usually indicates the lock’s function (e.g., keyed entry, privacy, etc.), while the second number indicates the style or design. The remaining numbers identify the specific product within that series.

Where Can I Find My Kwikset Model Number?

The model number of your Kwikset lock can usually be found on the original packaging or on a sticker attached to the back of the lock. It may also be engraved on the faceplate or latch of the lock. If you cannot locate the model number, you can contact Kwikset directly for assistance.

Why is it Important to Identify My Kwikset Model Number?

Identifying your Kwikset model number is essential for several reasons. It allows you to determine if your lock is still under warranty and what type of replacement parts are compatible with it. It also helps you troubleshoot any issues or concerns you may have with your lock and allows for easier communication with customer service representatives.

What if My Kwikset Model Number Cannot Be Identified?

Identify Your Kwikset Model Number

If you cannot find or identify your Kwikset model number, there are a few steps you can take. First, look up your lock on the Kwikset website or use their online resources. If that does not work, you can compare your lock to pictures and descriptions of different Kwikset locks until you find a match. Another option is to contact a locksmith or bring your lock to a hardware store for assistance.


Knowing how to identify kwikset model number is important for maintaining and troubleshooting your lock. The model number provides valuable information about the lock and its compatibility with replacement parts, making it easier to find solutions when needed.

If you cannot locate or identify your Kwikset model number, resources are available to help you find a match, or contact Kwikset directly for assistance. Remember to always keep track of your model number for future reference. 

So, when selecting or replacing a Kwikset lock, be sure to check the model number to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs. With this knowledge, you can confidently and effectively manage your Kwikset locks.  Keep your home secure with properly identified and functioning locks! Happy locking!

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