How to Lock Sliding Glass Door With Dog Door

Are you looking for a way to keep your pet safe and secure while still allowing them the freedom to come and go? Installing a dog door in your sliding glass door is a great solution. But if you’re worried about the security of this type of setup, you can easily lock your sliding glass door.

It may come as a surprise, but keeping your sliding glass doors secure can be both a safety and aesthetic concern. If you have an outdoor animal companion who loves to dash in and out of the house on their own terms, then this poses another dilemma: how can you keep them protected while still being able to lock up? Installing a doggie door through your sliding glass entryway with the right approach could be an excellent solution.

How to Lock Sliding Glass Door With Dog Door

Follow these easy steps and learn how to lock sliding glass door with dog door!

What Will You Need?

To successfully lock up a sliding glass door with a dog door installed, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Sliding glass door
  2. Doggie door
  3. Pencil, tape measure, and drill with bits
  4. Locking mechanism (optional)
  5. Screws

Once you have all the above items, follow these steps to complete your sliding glass door with a doggie door locking system.

10 Easy Steps on How to Lock Sliding Glass Door With Dog Door

Step 1: Measure and Mark the Area:

Measure the area where you want to install the doggie door and mark it with a pencil. You can use a template to get the exact shape of the doggie door. It will depend on the size of your pet and its needs.

Step 2: Cut Out the Hole for Your Doggie Door

Use a drill with the appropriate bit size to cut out the hole for your doggie door. Take your time and be sure to use protective eyewear when drilling. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, consult a professional.

Keep Your Spare Key Safe

Step 3: Install Doggie Door

Once you have made the appropriate hole, insert your pet’s doggie door in place. Make sure it is securely fastened with screws and that it fits properly. Don’t forget to check for any gaps or cracks around the door.

Step 4: Install a Locking Mechanism

If you want extra security and peace of mind, you can install a locking mechanism on your pet’s doggie door. This way, you can lock it up whenever you’re not home or when you don’t want your pet to come and go as they, please. Additionally, pet owners can also opt for a magnetic locking system. This means that only pets wearing the corresponding magnetic collar will be able to open the door.

Step 5: Test the Sliding Door

Now that everything is in place test out the sliding glass door to make sure it still functions properly. Make sure you open and close the door carefully and check for any obstructions or loose connections. Try out the doggie door, too, if you have one.

Step 6: Secure Everything in Place

Once everything is working smoothly and securely, go ahead and secure everything in place. You can use screws or adhesive to make sure the sliding glass door and doggie door are firmly secured. Moreover, you should check all the connections regularly to make sure they are secure.

Step 7: Check for Gaps and Cracks

Make sure there aren’t any gaps or cracks in the sliding door or doggie door. These can be a security concern, so use caulk to fill in gaps and ensure everything is sealed tightly. But make sure not to seal the doggie door shut, as your pet will still need access.

Step 8: Adjust the Lock

If you have opted for an additional locking mechanism, now is the time to adjust it. Make sure it fits securely and functions properly before using it. Use the instruction manual to get more detailed information on how to adjust it properly.

Adjusted All Your Locks

Step 9: Test Out Your Setup

Once you have adjusted all your locks, test them out one more time. Open and close the sliding glass door and the doggie door to ensure everything is functioning properly. Additionally, open up both doors at the same time to see if they interfere with each other’s operation.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Sliding Glass Door With Doggie Door Setup

Now that your setup is complete, you can enjoy the convenience and security of a sliding glass door with a doggie door. You’ll be able to keep your home secure and provide your pet with a convenient way to enter and exit the house. Just remember to check all the locks regularly for any wear or tear. Additionally, make sure you leave the doggie door open only when necessary.

By following these simple steps, you’ll have successfully installed a locking system on your sliding glass door with a doggie door! Now you can rest assured knowing that both you and your pet are safe and secure. Have fun exploring this new setup!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Install a Security Bar: If you have a patio or balcony door with a dog door, install a security bar between the door and the frame. This will help keep your sliding door secure and make it difficult for intruders to gain access.

2. Install a Sliding Glass Door Lock: You can also get a keyed or combination sliding glass door lock for added security. This type of lock will give you peace of mind that your dog won’t be able to open the door from the inside, and intruders won’t be able to open it from the outside.

3. Use a Pet Gate: If you have an area with a lot of pets, consider installing a pet gate near the entranceway so that your pets don’t have direct access to the patio or balcony doors with the dog door. This will help ensure that they are not able to enter and exit through them at any point in time.

4.Install a Motion Sensor Light: Installing a motion activated light near your patio or balcony door will help deter would be thieves and intruders from attempting to gain access to your home.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Any Suspicious Activity: Lastly, it is always important to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior that could indicate someone is trying to break into your home. If you notice something odd, contact the police immediately and report the incident. This can help prevent any potential burglaries before they occur.

With these tips, you can ensure that your sliding glass door is properly secured with a dog door and take the necessary steps to help prevent any intruders from gaining unauthorized access to your home.

Sliding Glass Door is Properly Secured

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Never Use a Padlock: Padlocks are cumbersome and can be difficult to manage, especially with a dog door in the way.

2. Don’t Jam an Object Into the Track: This can cause permanent damage to your sliding glass door and may void any warranty on the product.

3. Avoid Wooden Dowels or Sticks: Even if you find one that fits perfectly, it won’t provide secure protection from intruders as they can be easily removed by pushing them out of place.

4. Never Add Extra Locks or Latches: Adding additional locks may seem like a good idea, but they can make it easier for someone to break in since they will only have one entry point to disable instead of two separate entry points (the actual lock and the latch).

5. Don’t Rely on Sliding Glass Door Alarms: Alarms are great for deterring burglars, but they won’t prevent someone from entering your home if they can break through the door with enough force.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you secure your sliding glass door with a dog door and keep your home safe from intruders. Consider investing in a specially-designed security bar to fit your sliding glass door with a dog door for best results. This will provide the ideal amount of protection and peace of mind.

Alarms Are Great for Deterring Burglars


Adding a dog door to your locks can be an effective way to increase the security of any sliding glass door. With a few steps, like adjusting the track pan, positioning the top and bottom brackets, adding the template, and drilling holes for the mounting screws, you are on your way to having an extra layer of safety and security for your home. Not only does this method eliminate human access, but it also allows Fido or Spot to come and go at their leisure as well.

Ultimately, installing a dog door in a sliding glass door is relatively easy with the right tools and a little knowledge. Doing so not only brings peace of mind when it comes to locking up but also gives you room to open up opportunities for convenience.

Hopefully, the article on how to lock sliding glass door with dog door has given you an idea of how to secure your home and keep it safe. Remember, it’s always important to stay vigilant and ensure that no unauthorized access is granted to your home.

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