How to Open a Disc Lock Without A Key

As we all know, disc locks are a popular way to secure our belongings. But what happens when you lose the key or it falls down a storm drain? In this blog post, we will teach you how to open a disc lock without a key. So don’t worry if you forget your keys or they get stolen – you can still access your belongings! So stay safe and stay smart.

How to Open a Disc Lock Without A Key

What Is a Disc Lock?

A disc lock is a type of padlock that uses a cylindrical-shaped shackle. The shackle is inserted into the lock’s body through a small hole, and the locking mechanism is activated by turning the disc. Disc locks are often used on gates, fences, and other outdoor structures where a traditional padlock might be vulnerable to weather damage or tampering.

Unlike a padlock, which can be opened with a key or picked with a lock pick, a disc lock cannot be opened without the proper combination. As a result, disc locks are an excellent choice for security applications where tamper resistance is essential.

Why Might You Need to Open a Disc Lock Without A Key?

There are several reasons why you might need to open a disc lock without a key. Perhaps you’ve lost your key and can’t find a replacement, or maybe you’re locked out of your home and need to get back in. Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to open a disc lock safely without causing damage.

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine the size of the lock. A small disc lock can usually be picked with a paperclip, while a larger one will require a tension wrench. Once you have the right tools, insert the paperclip or tension wrench into the lock and apply pressure.

Excellent Choice for Security

Next, use the pick to feel for the pins inside the lock. Slowly work each pin until you feel it click into place. Once all the pins are in place, the lock will spring open. With a little practice, you’ll be able to open any disc lock without a key.

Needed Tools and Materials:

To open a disc lock without a key, you’ll need:

Paperclip or Tension Wrench

As mentioned earlier, a small disc lock can be picked with a paperclip, while larger ones will require a tension wrench. These tools can easily be found around the house or purchased at any hardware store.

Pick Set

If you’re going to be regularly opening disc locks without keys, it might be worth investing in a pick set. This will give you access to a variety of picks that can be used for different lock sizes and types.


Using a lubricant on the pins inside the lock can make it easier to pick. You can use any type of oil, such as WD-40 or vegetable oil, to help loosen up the pins.

Open Any Disc Lock Without a Key

Safety  Measures:

While learning how to open a disc lock without a key can be useful, it’s important to remember the safety measures that should be taken. Always make sure you have permission to open the lock before attempting to do so and never use this knowledge for illegal purposes.

Additionally, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about opening a disc lock, it’s best to call a professional locksmith for assistance. Trying to force open a lock can cause damage and may even result in injury.

10 Easy Methods to Follow on How to Open a Disc Lock Without A Key

If you’re locked out of your home or office and don’t have a spare key, you may be wondering how to open a disc lock without a key. While it’s not the ideal situation, there are a few methods you can try to get back in.

Method 1: Use a Screwdriver

If the lock is old or the key is lost, you may be able to open it with a screwdriver. First, insert the screwdriver’s tip into the keyhole and wiggle until you feel the mechanism start to move. Once you’ve found the right spot, apply pressure and turn the screwdriver until the lock pops open. You may need to try this method a few times before it works. If you’re worried about damaging the lock, try one of the other methods below. 

Method 2: Use a Bump Key

A bump key is a specially cut key that can open most locks. To use a bump key, insert it into the keyhole and jiggle it up and down while applying pressure. You may need to try this method several times before the lock opens. But be aware that bump keys should only be used on your own locks or with the owner’s permission. There are legal implications for using bump keys without permission. You can purchase a bump key online, but again, use it responsibly.  

Method 3: Use a Paper Clip

As mentioned earlier, a small disc lock can often be picked with a paper clip. Straighten out the paper clip and bend one end into an L shape to use a tension wrench. Then, insert the other end into the keyhole and jiggle it around until you feel the pins click into place. This may take some practice, but with patience, you’ll be able to open the lock without a key. But, this method can damage the lock, so use it as a last resort. You don’t want to have to replace your lock because of a paper clip! 

Method 4: Use a Tension Wrench

If your disc lock is larger or more complex, you may need to use a tension wrench. This tool applies pressure to the lock while you use another tool to pick the pins. A paper clip or bobby pin can work as a pick in this method. Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole and turn it like you would a key. Then, use your other tool to jiggle the pins until they fall into place, unlocking the lock. It may take some time and practice to get the hang of this method.  

Method 5: Use a Zip Tie

You can also use a zip tie to open a disc lock. This method works best for combination locks. Insert the zip tie into the shackle and pull it tight. Then, pull on the zip tie while turning the disc until you feel it click into place. This may take several attempts to get right, but with some patience, you’ll be able to open the lock. You can also try this method with a rubber band instead of a zip tie. It may be easier to work with and provides more grip. You can also use a combination of both for added strength. 

Method 6: Use a Hammer

If you’re in a real pinch, you can use a hammer to open your disc lock. Hold the lock in one hand and hit it hard with a hammer on the top or side. With some force, the lock should pop right open. This method is not recommended as it can damage both the lock and whatever you’re trying to unlock, but it’s worth a try if you have no other options. However, be prepared to replace your lock afterward. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. The important thing is that you get back in. 

Method 7: Use a Lock Pick Set

For those with a bit more skill and experience, you can use a lock pick set to open your disc lock without a key. These sets come with various tools that can be used to manipulate the pins inside the lock. They require practice and patience, but once mastered, they can be effective at opening many types of locks. Again, it’s important to only use these methods on your own locks or with permission. Lock-picking is an illegal practice if used without the owner’s consent. However, learning this skill can be helpful in times of lockouts or emergency situations. 

Method 8: Use a Drill

Using a drill to open a disc lock should be a last resort as it can cause significant damage to the lock and make it unusable. If you’re willing to take that risk, use a high-quality drill bit and start drilling at the keyhole. Once you get through the lock’s mechanism, it should pop open. But, be aware that this method can take some time and requires a lot of force. You may also need to replace the drill bit afterward, as it can become damaged in the process. It’s important to note that this method should only be used in extreme situations where all other methods have failed. 

Method 9: Use a Lock Picking Gun

A lock-picking gun is a tool that can be used to open disc locks quickly and with minimal effort. It works by inserting a special pick into the keyhole and then pulling the trigger, causing it to bounce up and down, manipulating the lock’s pins. However, these tools can be expensive and are not recommended for those without experience as they can damage the lock if used improperly. The use of lock-picking guns is also illegal in some areas, so make sure to check your local laws before considering this method. 

Method 10: Call a Professional Locksmith

If all else fails, you can always call a professional locksmith to open your disc lock for you. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to open locks without damaging them. However, this service can be quite expensive, so it’s best to use one of the other methods if possible. But if you’re facing a difficult lock or are unable to open it yourself, don’t hesitate to call a locksmith for assistance. It’s better to spend a bit of money than to damage your lock or potentially injure yourself in the process of opening it. It’s also a good idea to keep a number of reputable locksmiths on hand in case of future lockouts. 

That’s it! You’ve now learned eight different ways to open a disc lock without a key. Remember, always use caution when picking a lock, and be sure not to damage the lock or the door. Keep reading for more information about how to open a disc lock without a key.

How to Pick a Disc Lock Without A Key

Picking a disc lock without a key may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a little patience, it can be surprisingly easy. The first step is to identify the type of lock you are dealing with. Disc locks come in two main varieties: those with a single lever and those with multiple levers.

Once you have identified the type of lock you are dealing with, you can select the appropriate picking tool. For single-lever locks, a simple tension wrench will suffice. For multi-lever locks, however, you will need a more specialized pick known as a rake. With your tools in hand, insert the tension wrench into the hole at the bottom of the lock and apply gentle pressure.

Next, insert the pick into the keyway and begin to work it back and forth. After a few seconds of raking, you should feel the pins begin to fall into place, allowing the plug to turn and unlock the lock. With practice, this process can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

It May Take Some Time to Master

Though it may take some time to master, picking a disc lock without a key is a valuable skill that can come in handy in various situations.

Tips for Keeping Your Disc Lock Safe and Secure

A disc lock is a great way to secure your bike, but only if it’s used correctly. Here are some tips for keeping your disc lock safe and secure: 

  • Always Use a High-quality, Heavy-duty Lock. Cheap Locks Can Be Easily Broken or Picked.
  • Make Sure to Clean and Lubricate Your Lock Regularly to Ensure Smooth Operation.
  • When Locking Your Bike, Find a Sturdy Object to Attach It to, Such as a Bike Rack or Pole.
  • If Possible, Use Two Different Types of Locks (Such as a Disc Lock and a U-lock) to Make It More Difficult for Thieves.
  • Avoid Leaving Your Bike in Secluded or Poorly-lit Areas, as These Are Prime Targets for Theft.
  • When Transporting Your Bike With a Disc Lock Attached, Be Sure to Remove the Lock Before Riding.  Leaving It on Can Cause Damage to Your Bike’s Brake System.
  • Always Double-check That Your Lock is Properly Secured Before Leaving Your Bike Unattended.
  • Consider Engraving a Unique Identification Number on Your Lock and Bike to Deter Thieves and Aid in Recovery if Stolen.
  • If Your Disc Lock is Damaged or No Longer Working Properly, Replace It Immediately to Ensure Maximum Security.

By following these tips and using the methods mentioned above, you can keep your disc lock safe and secure while also having multiple options for opening it in case of a lockout. Remember to always use caution and follow the law when attempting to pick a lock, and only use these methods on your own property or with permission. Stay safe and happy riding!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is It Legal to Pick a Disc Lock Without the Owner’s Permission? 

A: No, it is illegal to pick a disc lock without the owner’s consent. Always make sure you have permission before attempting to open someone else’s lock. You could face legal consequences if caught picking a lock without permission. 

Q: Are There Any Special Tools Required to Pick a Disc Lock? 

A: Yes, you will need either a tension wrench and pick for single-lever locks or a rake for multi-lever locks. These tools can be purchased online or at hardware stores. 

Q: Can Using the Wrong Method Damage My Disc Lock? 

A: Yes, using the wrong method or applying too much force can damage your disc lock. It’s important to use caution and follow instructions carefully when attempting to pick a lock. 

Q: How Can I Prevent My Disc Lock from Rusting? 

A: To prevent rust, you can regularly clean and lubricate your lock. You can also choose a rust-resistant lock or keep it in a dry place, away from water.  Following these steps will help prolong the life of your disc lock and keep it functioning properly.  Keep reading for more tips on keeping your disc lock safe and secure. 


If you ever find yourself needing to open a disc lock but don’t have the key, there is still hope. By using a few simple tools and following these instructions, you can get that lock open and back to work in no time.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so if you don’t succeed on your first try, keep trying until the lock pops free. Thanks for reading our post about how to open a disc lock without a key.

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