How to Protect Glass Doors from Burglars

Glass doors are a popular feature in many modern homes. They offer a sleek, contemporary look and provide an abundance of natural light. However, their benefits come with a downside: they are a common entry point for burglars.

How to Protect Glass Doors from Burglars

Glass doors can be easily shattered, giving intruders easy access to your home. To protect your glass doors from burglars, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to strengthen their security. There are various methods you can use to safeguard your glass doors, such as installing security film or adding a secondary locking system.

Reinforcing the glass itself can also make it more difficult for burglars to break in. By taking steps to enhance the security of your glass doors, you can significantly reduce the risk of a break-in and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected. In this article, we’ll explore how to protect glass doors from burglars and provide tips on how to choose the most effective security measures for your home.

Do Burglars Break Glass Doors?

When attempting to break into glass doors, burglars will typically use blunt objects such as hammers or crowbars to break the glass. This type of entry method often results in significant damage — both to the door itself and surrounding objects such as walls or furniture.

In addition, the burglar has access to large pieces of broken glass that can be used as weapons against occupants inside the building, adding another layer of danger. Therefore, it is important to take measures in order to protect your glass doors from potential break-ins.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect glass doors is by installing strong locks. A good lock will make it difficult for burglars to gain entry, even if they do manage to break the glass.

In addition, consider adding additional security, such as a deadbolt or another barrier that can prevent intruders from entering. Finally, be sure to choose high-quality glass that is thick and reinforced — this will help ensure that even if a burglar does try and break the glass, it won’t easily shatter.

Consider Adding Additional Security

9 Methods How to Protect Glass Doors from Burglars

1. Install a Security System

One of the best ways to protect your glass doors from burglars is to install a security system. A security system will deter burglars from targeting your home and will also alert you if someone does try to break in. Be sure to choose a security system that includes sensors on all of your doors and windows, as well as cameras or motion detectors.

If you have a glass door, consider installing shatterproof glass to make it more difficult for burglars to get inside. However, keep in mind that these measures alone won’t necessarily prevent break-ins. Though they may help, it’s always best to take additional precautions.

2. Keep Your Doors Locked

Another simple way to protect your glass doors from burglars is to keep them locked at all times. Even when you are home, it is important to keep your doors locked in order to deter would-be burglars. If you have a glass door, be sure to install a deadbolt lock in addition to the standard doorknob lock.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that all of your locks are high-quality and well-maintained. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, it is important to replace them as soon as possible in order to ensure your home’s security. While this may seem like an obvious step, it is one of the best ways to protect your glass doors from burglars.

3. Install Shatter-Resistant Film

The shatter-resistant film is a clear film that can be applied to glass doors and windows in order to make them more resistant to breaking. This type of film can help to delay a burglar long enough for the police to arrive, and it can also help to prevent injuries if the glass does break.

The film is installed by professionals, and specific instructions must be followed in order to ensure that it is properly applied. If the film is not installed correctly, it can cause glass breakage in certain situations. It is important to research a reliable installer before hiring them for this job. However, once the film is correctly installed, it should provide a layer of protection against burglars and breakage.

4. Use Curtains or Blinds

Another way to protect your glass doors from burglars is to use curtains or blinds. By keeping your glass doors covered, you make it more difficult for burglars to see what is inside your home and also make it more difficult for them to smash the glass. Be sure to choose curtains or blinds that are made from sturdy materials that cannot be easily cut or torn.

Additionally, you should close the curtains or blinds when you are not at home. That way, burglars will have no idea what is on the other side. Additionally, when you go to bed at night, be sure to close the curtains or blinds so that burglars are not able to see the inside of your home.

Close the Curtains or Blinds

5. Reinforce the Frame

The frame around your glass door is another potential weak spot that burglars may target. In order to reinforce the frame, you can install additional locks or brackets. You can also add some extra support by screwing the frame into the wall studs on either side of the door.

Additionally, can use steel or aluminum plates to reinforce areas of the frame that are particularly vulnerable. These plates will help to protect the door from being forced open or kicked in. It is also important to check the frame periodically for any signs of wear and tear that may have occurred over time.

6. Add a Second Layer of Glass

If you are concerned about Burglars smashing through your glass door, you can add a second layer of glass. This will make it much more difficult for Burglars to break through, and it will also help to delay them long enough for the police to arrive. When adding a second layer of glass, it is important to use tempered or laminated glass.

This type of glass is much stronger than regular glass and is designed to withstand heavy impacts. It can also reduce the amount of noise created when a Burglar smashes through the glass, which can alert neighbors and other passers-by. Additionally, if the glass does break, it will hold its shape rather than shatter into dangerous shards like regular glass.

7. Use Decorative Grilles

Decorative grilles are another option for reinforcing your glass door and making it more difficult for Burglars to break through. Grilles come in a variety of styles and can be made from metal, wood, or even plastic. When choosing a grille, be sure to select one that is durable and easy to install.

Consider Grilles That Are Made From Metal

If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider grilles that are made from metal and feature intricate designs. Make sure to install the grille securely on the door frames and ensure it is locked properly. Doing so will help to make your glass door more secure against Burglars. You may also want to consider adding a security alarm system to your door if you do not already have one.

8. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be an effective deterrent for burglars as it makes it more difficult for them to approach your home without being seen.

Motion-activated lights are especially effective as they will turn on whenever someone comes close, making it easier for you to spot a burglar before they have a chance to break in. Be sure to place your lights in strategic locations around your home, such as near all of your entrances and exits.

9. Keep Trees and Shrubs Trimmed

Trees and shrubs can provide cover for burglars as they approach your home, so it is important to keep them trimmed back. By trimming back any overgrown vegetation, you make it more difficult for burglars to hide and also make it easier for you (or your neighbors)to spot someone lurking around.

Trees and Shrubs Can Provide Cover

This is especially important for glass doors and windows, which are more vulnerable to break-ins due to their transparency. Trimming back trees and shrubs can also help to create a clear line of sight from the street, allowing passersby to see if someone is attempting to break into your home.


All in all, there are a variety of protective measures that can be taken to protect glass doors from burglary and break-ins. From reinforcing glass doors with inserts to installing motion-activated alarms, homeowners can take steps to make their property more secure.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to contact your local police department for advice on additional ways to protect not only your glass doors but also your home as a whole from burglars and other intruders.

Taking proactive steps towards security is often the best course of action when it comes to protecting yourself and those you love. So don’t wait any longer – now is the time to learn how to protect glass doors from burglars!

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