How to Unlock Door With Hole on Side

Are you looking for a way to unlock your door without digging into your pocket for the key? Are you locked out and trying to find information on how to get back in without having to call a locksmith? If you’re ever in a situation where you find yourself locked out of your home or office, don’t panic– there is actually an easy and effective way to unlock the door without using any tools: using the hole on the side.

How to Unlock Door With Hole on Side

This method is useful if you need access to space but have lost your keys or are locked out for some other reason. In this blog post, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to unlock door with hole on side so that it works effectively and quickly. With the help of this tutorial, anyone can easily access their locked space while avoiding costly fees associated with professional lock services. Read on for further details!

Things to Keep in Mind While Unlocking Door With Hole on Side

1. Type of Lock

Before starting the unlocking process, you must first determine the type of lock that is installed on your door. If it’s an old-style deadbolt lock with a hole in the side, then you can use this method to unlock the door. However, if you have a newer style of electronic or digital lock, then this method won’t work.

2. Location of the Hole

The hole on the side of the lock can be located either at the top or bottom. Make sure to identify this correctly before proceeding with the unlocking process.

Keeping these two points in mind, let’s take a look at the steps involved in unlocking the door with a hole on the side.

Required Items

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Pliers or other tools for bending the wire
  • Hairpin or other thin metal objects

10 Techniques on How to Unlock Door With Hole on Side

1. Insert the Tool

Insert the thin tool into the hole and push it in as far as you can. Also, make sure to push the tool in toward the center of the door. While doing this, you should feel a small notch or latch inside the hole. Also, make sure that the tool is inserted firmly and securely.

Make Sure Key is Inserted Firmly and Securely

2. Bend the Tool

Once you’ve pushed the tool in as far as possible, use pliers or another tool to carefully bend the wire coat hanger so that it fits snugly against the latch inside. This will help secure it into place and give you leverage when pulling on it to unlock the door.

3. Pull Back on the Tool

Once the tool is firmly in place, pull back on it gently to see if you can move the latch or lock inside the hole. If successful, then you should be able to feel a click as the door unlocks.

4. Repeat Steps

If pulling back on the tool doesn’t seem to work, then you may need to repeat the steps again. Try pushing the tool in further and bending it around the latch more securely before pulling it back. You may also need to adjust the angle of the tool slightly until it’s firmly in place and able to move the latch inside.

5. Use a Hairpin

If your first attempts are unsuccessful, try using a hairpin instead of the wire coat hanger. Hairpins are thinner and more flexible, which can make them easier to maneuver around the latch inside the hole.

6. Insert Key

Once you’ve moved the latch with your tool or hairpin, try inserting a key into the lock and turning it to see if it will open. If it does, then you have successfully unlocked the door with the hole on the side.

7. Remove Tool

Once you’ve opened the door, be sure to remove your tool or hairpin from the lock before closing it again. This will help ensure that no one else can try to unlock it using the same method. Removing the tool will also help preserve the integrity of the lock and prevent further damage.

Remove Tools From Lock Before Closing Again

8. Use Different Tool

If you’re still having trouble unlocking your door with a wire coat hanger or hairpin, then you may need to try using a different type of tool. A screwdriver, small knife, or tweezers can all be used in place of the wire coat hanger or hairpin.

9. Apply Lubricant

If you’re having difficulty inserting your tool into the hole, try applying a lubricant such as WD-40 to it first. This will help make it easier to insert and move around inside the lock. Make sure to use a small amount and be careful not to over-lubricate the lock, as this can attract dirt and grime.

10. Call a Professional

If all else fails, then it’s time to call in the professionals. A locksmith will be able to help you with the unlocking process and get you back into your space quickly and safely. If you’re ever in a situation where you find yourself locked out of your home or office, don’t hesitate to call a locksmith for help.

Locksmith Can Help You With Unlocking Process

With the above steps and tips on how to unlock door with hole on side, anyone can easily unlock the door with the hole on the side and gain access without having to resort to expensive lock services or professional locksmiths. So if you ever find yourself locked out and need a way back in, give this method a try first before having to call for help.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Unlocking a Door With Hole on Side

  1. Not having the right tools. Even if you think you have all the tools necessary to unlock a door with a hole in the side, do not underestimate the importance of having the right kind of tool. If your tool doesn’t fit in the hole or is too short, you won’t be able to unlock it properly.
  2. Trying to force it open. If the door doesn’t unlock on the first try, don’t try to force it open. Doing so may cause damage to the lock or door frame, which will be expensive and time-consuming to repair.
  3. Not having a good grip on the tool. Make sure you have a firm grip on the tool before inserting it into the hole. This will help you to accurately and securely unlock the door.
  4. Not double-checking your work once the door is unlocked. Double-check that everything is in proper working order after unlocking a door with a hole in the side so that you can ensure the continued security of your property
  5. Skipping lubrication. Make sure to lubricate door locks before attempting to unlock a door with a hole in the side. This helps the lock mechanism to work more smoothly and makes unlocking it easier.
  6. Not inserting the tool all the way into the hole. Inserting the tool only partially into the hole can make it harder for you to turn and unlock the door, so make sure that your tool is fully inserted before attempting to unlock the door.
  7. Trying to pick a lock without a pick tool. If you don’t have the proper tools, it’s best not to attempt to unlock a door with a hole in the side, as trying to do so can cause damage to both the lock and door frame.
  8. Not having patience when unlocking a door. Patience is key when unlocking a door with a hole in the side. Take your time and be methodical in your movements to ensure that you can properly unlock the door without causing damage.
Patience is Key When Unlocking a Door

By following these tips on how to unlock door with hole on side, you should have no problem unlocking a door with a hole on the side. Additionally, always make sure to keep up with regular maintenance for your locks so they remain in good working condition. This will help to prevent any issues you may have while attempting to unlock a door with a hole in the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take to Open the Lock?

It depends on the type of lock you are working with. Most modern locks can be opened in a matter of seconds, but older locks may take several minutes or longer to unlock. Also, if the hole on the side of the door is small, it could take longer to properly insert and manipulate a tool inside the lock cylinder. Be sure to have patience when attempting this task and take your time.

What Special Tools Do I Need?

The most common tool used to unlock the door with a hole on the side is a lock pick set. Lock picks are inserted into the lock cylinder and manipulated in order to open the door. If you have access to specialty tools such as an electric pick gun or bump key, these can also be used in some cases.

Can I Use My House Key?

In most situations, you will not be able to use your house key to unlock a door with a hole in the side. The house key is designed to fit into the keyhole of the door and typically won’t fit or work inside the lock cylinder itself. Therefore, using a specialized lock pick set or other tools is necessary in order to unlock the door.

Use Your House Key to Unlock a Door

What If I Can’t Open the Lock?

If you have attempted to open the lock with a specialized tool and are unsuccessful, it would be best to contact a professional locksmith. A locksmith will have the expertise and tools necessary to properly diagnose and fix any issue with your lock.

What If I Damage the Lock?

It is possible to damage a lock if you do not know what you are doing. When attempting to unlock a door with a hole in the side, make sure that you are patient and use the proper tools for the job. If in doubt, it would be best to contact a professional locksmith who can assist you.

By following these tips and FAQs, you should be able to successfully unlock a door with a hole on the side. If you find yourself in need of additional assistance, a professional locksmith can always offer advice or assistance.


In conclusion, with the right tools and a bit of knowledge about how to unlock door with hole on side under your belt, unlocking a door with a hole on the side is not that difficult. It may take some manipulation and a steady hand, but having the right tools at your disposal can prove very advantageous in this endeavor.

Even if all else fails to unlock the door, contacting a professional locksmith can be beneficial as they have the necessary experience required to handle such an intricate task.

As always, use common sense when committing to any type of intervention like this – especially when it comes to lock and key security. Be mindful of constraints regarding laws in your state as well as potential safety risks; however, whatever you do, don’t panic! With patience and diligence, unlocking a door with a hole in its side can be accomplished successfully.

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