How to Use Lockly Keypad

Have you ever wanted the convenience of keyless entry to your home without sacrificing security? If so, then the Lockly Keypad is one option worth exploring. This high-tech device is designed for maximum security while still being incredibly user-friendly. It allows for quick and easy access to your front door – no more fumbling around with keys! It also boasts a whole slew of features that will make entering and exiting your property a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about how to use lockly keypad and all the benefits it has to offer.

How to Use Lockly Keypad

Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Use Lockly Keypad

Step 1:  Install the Lockly Keypad

The first step in using your Lockly Keypad is to install it properly. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment before beginning installation. The package should include a mounting plate, keypad, screws, and instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation. Installing the keypad on your front door will give you easy access to your home.

Step 2: Set up Your Access Codes

Before using your Lockly Keypad, you’ll need to set up access codes for yourself and anyone else who may require access to your home. This can easily be done by following the instructions provided in the user manual or through the accompanying mobile app. You can create temporary codes for guests or service providers, and you also have the option to change the codes frequently for added security.

Step 3: Use Your Access Codes

Once your Lockly Keypad is installed and access codes are set up, you can start using it to enter your home. The keypad has a touchscreen display with numbers ranging from 0-9. To enter your access code, simply press the numbers in the correct sequence and then press the “enter” button. If you have set up temporary codes for guests or service providers, they can use them to gain access as well.

Simply Press the Numbers in the Correct Sequence

Step 4: Take Advantage of Additional Features

Aside from keyless entry, the Lockly Keypad also offers a few other useful features. For example, the keypad has a built-in alarm system that can be activated for added security when you are away from home. It also has a low-battery indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace the batteries. You can also integrate the keypad with other smart home devices for even more convenience and control.

Step 5: Keep Your Keypad Secure

While the Lockly Keypad provides top-notch security, it’s important to keep the device itself secure as well. Make sure to change your access codes regularly and avoid sharing them with anyone you don’t trust. You should also check the keypad for any signs of tampering or damage and report any issues immediately.

Following these steps will ensure that you are using your Lockly Keypad correctly and taking full advantage of its features. Now, let’s take a look at some general tips for maintaining and troubleshooting your Lockly Keypad.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Use Lockly Keypad

  1. If you have multiple users for your Lockly keypad, consider assigning different access codes to each user. This will allow you to keep track of who enters and exits your home or office as the keypad records the usage data from each code.
  2. To ensure the security of your access codes, never share them with anyone outside of your trusted circle. If you need to give temporary access to someone, consider using the Lockly app to generate a one-time access code that expires after a specific period of time.
  3. In case you forget your access code or if it gets compromised, use the Emergency Key Override feature on your keypad. This will allow you to unlock your door with a physical key.
  4. Regularly clean and maintain your keypad to avoid any malfunctions. Use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the keypad and make sure all buttons are functioning properly.
  5. If you have a smart home system, consider integrating your Lockly keypad with other devices for added convenience. For example, you can set up a routine that automatically locks your door at a certain time every day or when you leave the house.
  6. Keep your keypad updated with the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance and security. Check for updates regularly through the Lockly app or website.
  7. If you experience any issues or have questions about your Lockly keypad, refer to the user manual or contact customer support for assistance.
  8. Consider using the guest access feature on your keypad if you frequently have visitors or house guests. This feature allows you to create temporary access codes that expire after a set period of time, so you don’t have to constantly change your main access code.
  9. Make sure to choose a strong and unique access code for your Lockly keypad. Avoid using common codes such as birthdays or phone numbers, and use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for added security.
  10. If you plan to use your Lockly keypad for both home and office, consider setting up separate access codes for each location to avoid confusion and maintain security.
  11. Familiarize yourself with all the features of your Lockly keypad, such as the door sensor, which alerts you when your door is open or closed. This can be especially useful if you have children or pets in the house.
 Regularly Clean and Maintain

Following these tips and tricks will ensure that you get the most out of your Lockly keypad and keep your home or office secure. Remember to always prioritize safety and security when it comes to using any smart device.  Keep exploring the various features of your Lockly keypad and find new ways to make it work for you. The possibilities are endless!  So, don’t be afraid to experiment and customize your Lockly keypad to fit your specific needs. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, the Lockly keypad is truly a game-changer in home and office security. Happy locking!

Precautions Need to Be Followed for Using Lockly Keypad

  1. First and foremost, read the user manual provided with your Lockly Keypad before using it. Familiarize yourself with all the functions and features of the device.
  2. Ensure that you have a strong internet connection before setting up your Lockly Keypad. This is important as the keypad relies on an internet connection to communicate with your smartphone.
  3. Keep your personal identification number (PIN) confidential and do not share it with anyone. This is essential for maintaining the security of your keypad.
  4. Regularly change your PIN to avoid any potential hacking attempts. Choose a unique and difficult-to-guess PIN.
  5. Keep the batteries in your Lockly Keypad charged at all times. Low battery levels can cause malfunctions and may prevent access to your keypad.
  6. Do not expose your Lockly Keypad to extreme temperatures or moisture as it can damage the device.
  7. Do not try to disassemble or modify your Lockly Keypad on your own. This may cause irreparable damage and void your warranty.
  8. Keep the keypad clean and free from any dust, dirt, or debris that may interfere with its functionality.
 Read the User Manual Provided

Following these precautions will ensure the proper functioning and security of your Lockly Keypad. It is important to take these measures seriously as the safety and security of your home may depend on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Lockly Keypad Work?

Lockly Keypad uses a keypad and mobile app for keyless entry, as well as physical backup keys. It also has features such as one-time use codes and remote access control. The keypad can be used to enter a code for entry or the mobile app can be used to unlock the door remotely.

What Devices Can I Use With Lockly Keypad?

Lockly Keypad is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing for remote access and control through the Lockly mobile app. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice commands for locking and unlocking the door.

Lockly Keypad is Compatible With Both Android and Ios

How Do I Set Up the Lockly Keypad?

Setting up Lockly Keypad is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. First, download the Lockly app on your compatible device. Then follow the prompts to create an account and add your lock to the app. Once the lock is added, you can customize settings and create access codes for users.

What Happens If My Phone Dies or I Lose It?

If your phone dies, you can still use the physical backup keys to enter your home. However, if you lose your phone, it is important to immediately change the password on your lock and delete any virtual keys that were shared with others through the app.

Is Lockly Keypad Secure?

Lockly takes security seriously and uses advanced encryption to ensure your home is protected. Each lock has its own unique key code, making it nearly impossible for someone to hack or duplicate the code. The mobile app also requires a secure login and uses Bluetooth technology for communication with the lock.


Now you know how to use lockly keypad, its compatibility with different devices, how to set it up, and the security measures in place to protect your home. With its advanced features and ease of use, the Lockly Keypad is a convenient and secure choice for keyless entry into your home. So why wait? Upgrade your home security with Lockly today!

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