How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

When it comes to protecting your bike, a sturdy lock is essential. With an array of different styles and designs out there on the market today, one type of lock that’s becoming increasingly popular is the Wordlock Bike Lock – a combination code lock that requires no key! But you have to reset it if you ever forget the combination code of the Wordlock Bike Lock. 

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

Resetting this type of secure device may seem somewhat daunting at first, so in this blog post we’ll be walking you through the steps for resetting your Wordlock Bike Lock as quickly and easily as possible. If you’re ready to protect your ride in style without keeping up with any extra keys or combinations, read on for our comprehensive guide on how to reset a wordlock bike lock!

Step-by-step Guideline on How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

Step 1: Locate The Reset Button

At first, locate the reset button on your Wordlock bike lock. This is usually found at the back of the lock and looks like a tiny hole. This should be positioned facing upwards. You’ll now need to insert the tip of a small paperclip or pin into this hole.

Step 2: Insert The Tool

Insert a small screwdriver or similar tool into the reset button and press firmly until you hear a faint click sound. This should open up the coded chamber near the lock’s center. This will allow you to reset your code. Tools that are too long or thick may damage the locking mechanism, so be sure to choose your tool wisely.

Step 3: Locate The Letters

Once opened, locate all four letters that are written in capital letters. You can use these words to create your new combination code for your Wordlock Bike Lock. Your combination code should be between 4 and 8 characters long. Keep that in mind.

Step 4: Code Chamber

With your chosen combination of words, enter them into the code chamber one by one, with each letter corresponding to its respective spot on the dials at the top of the lock. This spot can be found next to the letters. It will help you to remember your new combination code.

Step 5: Turn The Dials

Once you’ve entered all four letters, turn the dials until they are in the correct order and your new combination code is set. A click sound should indicate that the lock is now reset and ready to use with your new code. To ensure that your new combination code is working, try out the lock a few times before you go on your ride.

New Combination Code is Working

And there you have it! Resetting a Wordlock Bike Lock is now as easy as can be. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to lock up your bike in no time securely!

Necessary Equipment to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

To reset a Wordlock bike lock, you will need the following tools:

  • A new combination of four letters or numbers. This must be different from any other combinations used on Wordlocks.
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • An old Wordlock bike lock (with its correct combination).

What is Wordlock Bike Lock?

Wordlock Bike Lock is a patented word-combination lock that provides security for cyclists, offering an easier-to-use and more secure alternative to combination locks. It uses four dials with letters instead of numbers and can be programmed to generate up to 10,000 possible combinations. It is simple, strong, and reliable enough for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Should We Use Wordlock Bike Lock?

Wordlock bike locks are a popular choice among cyclists, offering an easy-to-use and secure way to protect your bicycle. These locks feature a combination of letters instead of numbers, which helps you remember the code more easily. Wordlock bike locks typically have four-letter combinations that can be reset as needed. 

This makes them ideal for families or groups who may need to share access to the same lock. Additionally, they are made from durable materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and tampering attempts, making them much harder for thieves to break into. By using a Wordlock bike lock, you can rest assured that your bike is safe and secure wherever it’s parked.

Resetting a Wordlock bike lock is relatively simple and straightforward. To reset your lock, you will need to start by pushing the shackle down and rotating it until the combination letters are aligned with the arrow. Next, press down on the shackle so that you can access the reset button at the bottom of the lock. Then, press and hold this button until you hear a clicking sound. Finally, enter your new desired combination and then release the reset button. Your new combination is now set!

Press Down on the Shackle

Using a Wordlock bike lock provides an extra layer of security against theft or tampering attempts. With its easy-to-follow instructions for resetting the combination, it’s an ideal choice for any cyclist who wants to ensure their bike is secure wherever it’s parked. So if you’re looking for a reliable, convenient, and durable lock, look no further than Wordlock!

To summarize, How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock is simple and straightforward when following the steps above. It provides an extra layer of security against theft or tampering attempts with its combination feature offering convenience, durability, and peace of mind. Cycling enthusiasts should consider using a Wordlock bike lock for superior protection wherever they go.

Which Combinations Are Easier to Remember: Letters or Numbers?

Wordlocks are unique locks allowing you to set and reset your combination using words, letters, or numbers. Using a word as a combination is usually the easiest to remember since it has meaning. You may find it helpful to pick something meaningful, like a favorite song lyric, quote, nickname, or even just a funny phrase. This can help you remember and distinguish the combination from other lock combinations you might have set up.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable with words or find them too easy to guess then, numerical codes might be better for your needs. If so, try to pick something that’s easy for you to remember, like your birthday, zip code, or address – just make sure it’s not too obvious.

No matter what combination you select, always be sure to write it down and store it in a secure place away from the lock itself. This way, if you ever forget your combination or cannot remember which one applies to your Wordlock bike lock, you can easily refer back to the note with the correct details.

By taking into consideration both ease of remembering and security when selecting a combination for your Wordlock bike lock – whether it is words or numbers–you can help ensure that your bike stays safe and sound.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wordlock bike locks can be purchased for around $20-$30, depending on the model and size. This is a great investment to ensure your bike is always safe and secure wherever it’s parked.

Overall, Wordlock bike locks are ideal for cyclists looking for a secure and easy-to-use lock. 

Wordlock Bike Locks Are Ideal for Cyclists

They provide superior protection against theft or tampering attempts and convenience and durability. Plus, they’re relatively affordable compared to other bike locks on the market. If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your bike safe, look no further than Wordlock!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock? 

A: Resetting a Wordlock bike lock is easy. First, open the shackle of your Wordlock by pushing down both release buttons at either end of the lock. Once the shackle is open, turn it around until you can see the dials with numbers from 0-9. With each new combination, start with all the dials set to zero and then make sure that the numbers follow this pattern: left to right (smallest to largest number). Finally, close the shackle and press all four buttons on either side at once, to confirm your new combination setting.

Q: How Many Different Combinations Does a Wordlock Have?

A: Wordlock bike locks are designed with 10,000 possible combinations. This ensures that the lock is secure and difficult to crack.

Q: How Do I Make Sure My Combination Stays Secure?

A: The best way to keep your Wordlock combination secure is to choose a combination that will be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Additionally, avoid using easily identifiable numbers such as birthdays, anniversaries or address numbers. Finally, make sure that you never share your combination with anyone else.

Q: How Often Should I Change My Combination?

A: You should consider changing your Wordlock bike lock’s combination periodically, especially if you frequently use it in public places where strangers may view it. Additionally, if you share your combination with others, it is important to reset the lock when they are no longer using it.

Q: How Do I Know if My Combination Has Been Successfully Set?

A: After pressing all four buttons on either side of the shackle at once to confirm your new combination setting, you will hear a clicking sound. This indicates that the combination has been successfully set. You can then close the shackle and test it out with the new combination.

Confirm Your New Combination Setting


Congratulations, you have learned how to reset a Wordlock Bike Lock! While this process might seem complicated at first glance, it is not that hard once you get the hang of it. Keeping your bike safe requires knowledge and dedication. Being prepared for emergencies ahead of time can make things easier when the time comes. 

From using a chart to tracking each word combination’s letters, there are many strategies to remember when dealing with these locks. Now that you know how to do it yourself, you’ll be able to share this information with others so they can also feel safe and secure when securing their bikes with a Wordlock Bike Lock. Knowing how to reset your bike lock isn’t just useful – it’s a fundamental part of the cycling lifestyle!

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