How to Reset Password on Kwikset Lock

Do you have a Kwikset lock that suddenly won’t open with your normal code? This can be a major inconvenience and quite concerning, especially if you’ve just moved into a new home or changed the locks. Luckily, resetting the password on Kwikset locks doesn’t require any special tools or expertise.

How to Reset Password on Kwikset Lock

In this post, we’ll share step-by-step instructions for how to reset password on kwikset lock quickly and easily — no matter whether it’s an electronic keypad model or a traditional key lock. Read on to learn everything you need to know about unlocking your door in no time!

Is Four Digit Code Safe for Kwikset Lock?

The four-digit code is a safe alternative to the traditional key for Kwikset locks. It ensures that only authorized users can access your door. However, it is important to be aware of some security risks associated with this type of lock. For example, if someone gains access to your four-digit code, then they could gain entry into your home or office. Additionally, if you forget the code, you will have to go through a more complicated reset process in order to regain access. However, for everyday security needs, a four-digit code is an effective way to secure your Kwikset lock.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how much security you want from your Kwikset lock. If the four-digit code is not enough, then consider other options, such as adding additional locks or investing in a smart lock with advanced features. In any case, make sure that your security measures are sufficient for your needs, and make sure to test them regularly!

It is important to also keep in mind that there are potential disadvantages of using a four-digit code as well. For instance, the codes can be easily guessed or hacked if they are not changed regularly, and they may not provide enough protection against sophisticated attacks. Additionally, a four-digit code will only work with one lock, so if you have multiple locks in your home, then this is not an ideal solution.

Ultimately, the security of your Kwikset lock should depend on your own needs and preferences. If you feel that a four-digit code provides sufficient security for your needs, then it’s a great option to consider. However, if you want to ensure maximum safety then additional locks or smart locks with more features may be better options for you. It all depends on what works best for your situation!

Four-digit Code Provides Sufficient Security

9 Methods How to Reset Password on Kwikset Lock

1.  Use the Kwikset App.

If you have the Kwikset app installed on your smartphone, you can use it to reset the password on your Kwikset lock. To do this, open the app and tap on the “Settings” icon. Then, tap on “Manage Locks” and select the lock that you want to reset the password for.

Finally, tap on “Reset Password” and enter the new password that you want to use. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play store. Although this is the easiest way to reset the password, it isn’t available for all models of Kwikset locks.

2.  Use the Kwikset Website.

If you don’t have the Kwikset app, you can still reset the password on your Kwikset lock by visiting the Kwikset website. To do this, go to and click on “Support” at the top of the page. Then, click on “How do I reset my lock’s user code?” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you’ve successfully reset the password, make sure to write down the new code and store it in a secure place. Doing this will ensure that you won’t have to go through the reset process a second time. Now your Kwikset lock is secure and ready to use!

3.  Use a Paperclip.

If you don’t have the Kwikset app or if you can’t remember your password, you can still reset it by using a paperclip. To do this, insert a paperclip into the hole located at the bottom of the lock’s keypad. Then, press and hold down the button located next to the hole for five seconds. After five seconds have passed, enter your new four-digit code.

Once the code has been entered, press the “lock” or “unlock” button to save it. Make sure to remember your new password, as it will be required the next time you want to access your Kwikset lock. Although this process may take a few minutes, it is much faster and more secure than trying to guess your password.

5.  Remove and Reinsert the Batteries.

If you can’t remember your password and you don’t have a paperclip or a 9V battery, you can still reset it by removing and reinserting the batteries. To do this, remove all of the batteries from your lock and then reinsert them after 30 seconds have passed. Once you’ve done this, enter your new four-digit code when prompted.

Reset It by Removing and Reinserting the Batteries

Make sure to remember this code, as it will be required for you to gain access to your lock. If the code doesn’t work after the first try, you may need to repeat the process one more time. Once your code is accepted, you’ll be able to open your door with ease every time. With the correct code, you never have to worry about being locked out again!

6.  Use a Master Code Override Feature.

If you have a master code override feature enabled on your lock, you can use it to reset your password without having to remove or reinsert any batteries. Tapping the programmed master code on the keypad will reset your user code to a preset default.

Contact Kwikset if you need assistance with setting up a master code override feature. While this is a convenient feature, it can potentially leave your lock vulnerable to tampering. Before enabling the override feature, make sure that you’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep your lock secure.

7.  Use the Kwikset SmartKey Re-Key Kit.

If you don’t have a master code override, another way to reset the Kwikset lock is to use a Kwikset SmartKey Re-key Kit. This kit contains two new cylinders that are programmed with the same code. To replace your old cylinder, you will need to remove it from the door first.

You can do this by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the hole at the bottom of the cylinder and turning it counterclockwise. Once you have removed the existing cylinder, take the new lockset from your Kwikset SmartKey Re-key Kit and insert it in its place. Turn it clockwise until it is securely locked in place. Now your lock is reset!

8.  Use a Kwikset Smartkey Reset Tool.

If you have a Kwikset SmartKey reset tool, you can use it to reset the password on your Kwikset lock. First, insert the reset tool into the small hole in the back of your Kwikset lock. Then, turn the reset tool clockwise until it stops. This will reset your password to its original factory setting.

To set a new password for your Kwikset lock, simply follow the same steps as you did when creating your initial password. Your new password will be set, and you can begin using your Kwikset lock again.

Set a New Password for Your Kwikset Lock

9.  Contact Kwikset Customer Service.

If all else fails, you will need to contact Kwikset’s customer service department. They will be able to help you reset your password and get back into your lock. To reach them, visit the Kwikset website or call their customer support line directly. From there, you can provide them with the serial number on the inside of your lock, and they will be able to reset the password for you.

Safety Tips for Resetting Password on Kwikset Lock

1. Make sure the door is locked before proceeding with resetting the password on your Kwikset lock. This will ensure no one else can access the lock while you are changing the code.

2. Keep all instruction manuals handy in case you need to refer back to them while resetting your password. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure you are able to successfully reset your password.

3. Only use the manufacturer’s issued tools and accessories while resetting your Kwikset lock password. Using any other materials may cause damage to the lock, making it difficult or impossible to reset the password.

4. Wear gloves when handling the Kwikset lock during the resetting process. This will help to protect your hands from dirt and debris that may have accumulated on the lock over time.

Resetting Your Kwikset Lock Password


In conclusion, resetting the password on a Kwikset lock is an easy process that only takes a few minutes of your time and doesn’t require any special tools. All you need to do is select a new code and program it into your lock using the five-button keypad.

Not only will this newly programmed code be more secure than any code that is set by default, but you can also easily change it in the future if needed. So take the initiative and confidently take control of the security levels at your residence with a Kwikset Lock! Follow our simple How to Reset Password on Kwikset Lock guide now to get started.

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