How to Unlock Car with Onstar

Navigating the inconvenience of a locked car can be a stressful experience, but for those equipped with OnStar, a solution lies at the touch of a button. OnStar, the in-vehicle safety and security system, offers a streamlined approach to unlocking your car doors when keys are inadvertently left inside.

In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step process of how to unlock car with onstar, exploring the convenience and efficiency it provides in moments of lockout predicaments.

How to Unlock Car with Onstar

From understanding the OnStar service to accessing the relevant features through various platforms, we’ll guide you through the simple yet powerful capabilities that can save the day when traditional methods fall short. Whether you find yourself in a bustling parking lot or a remote location, harnessing the power of OnStar to regain access to your vehicle is a modern and reliable solution worth mastering.

Importance of Knowing to Unlock a Car with Onstar

When it comes to car safety and convenience, Onstar has been a reliable partner for many years. From emergency response to navigation assistance, the Onstar system has proven its worth time and time again. However, one of its lesser known features is its ability to unlock vehicles remotely.

Imagine this scenario: you’re in a rush to get somewhere and you accidentally lock your keys inside your car. You start to panic because you don’t have a spare key and breaking the window is not an option. This is where Onstar comes in.

By knowing how to unlock your car with Onstar, you can save yourself from a lot of stress and inconvenience. All it takes is a simple call to their 24/7 customer service hotline or using the Onstar app on your phone. Within minutes, a trained advisor will remotely unlock your vehicle, giving you access to your keys and allowing you to continue on with your day.

But aside from convenience, there are also safety implications when it comes to knowing how to use Onstar to unlock your car. In emergency situations where you may be locked inside the vehicle or in need of urgent medical assistance, Onstar can be a lifesaver. With just a press of a button or voice command, an advisor will be able to unlock your car and send emergency responders to your location.

10 Methods How to Unlock Car with Onstar

1. Remote Unlock

The OnStar Remote Unlock service allows you to unlock your car remotely with a few simple steps. All you need to do is log into the OnStar website, select the “Unlock” option, and enter the PIN code associated with your vehicle. Once you have entered the correct information, your car will be unlocked remotely in a matter of seconds. This is a great way to quickly get back into your car if you have locked yourself out or lost your keys.

2. Mobile App Unlock

OnStar also offers an app-based unlocking feature that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. To use this feature, simply download the OnStar mobile app and log in using your account information. Once logged in, you can select the “Unlock” option and enter the PIN code associated with your vehicle. The app will then send a signal to your car’s onboard computer system which will unlock the doors automatically.

You Can Select the Unlock Option

3. Voice Command Unlock

OnStar also offers voice command unlocking for vehicles equipped with their hands-free calling technology. To use this feature, simply press the OnStar button located on your dashboard and say “Unlock my car” into the microphone. Your car will then be unlocked remotely within seconds without any further input from you.

4. Key Fob Unlock

If you have an OnStar enabled key fob, you can use it to unlock your car as well. Simply press and hold down the unlock button on the key fob for two seconds until it emits a loud beeping sound which indicates that it has been activated successfully. Your car should then be unlocked automatically within a few moments after that point without any further input from you required.

5. Automatic Unlock

Some newer models of cars equipped with OnStar also offer automatic unlocking features which allow them to unlock themselves as soon as they detect that someone is near them who has an authorized key fob or smartphone linked to their account with OnStar services enabled on it. This makes getting into your vehicle even easier than before since all you need to do is walk up to it and it will recognize you and unlock itself automatically for convenience purposes!

6. Remote Start

OnStar also offers remote start services, which allow users to start their cars remotely using their smartphones or key fobs without having to physically insert a key into the ignition switch first as they would normally have to do when starting their vehicles manually from inside of them (this does require an additional subscription). This can be useful if you want to warm up or cool down your vehicle before getting inside it so that it’s more comfortable when driving off!

Starting Their Vehicles Manually

7. Emergency Services

OnStar also provides emergency services such as roadside assistance, emergency medical help, stolen vehicle recovery, and other similar services, which are available 24/7 for subscribers who sign up for these types of plans through them (these are separate from their regular subscription packages). These services can come in handy if something goes wrong while out on the road so that users don’t have to worry about being stranded somewhere due to mechanical issues or other emergencies!

8. Security Services

OnStar also provides security services such as theft protection, crash response notifications, stolen vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics monitoring, and more which are designed to help keep drivers safe while on the road by alerting authorities immediately in case of an emergency situation or suspicious activity detected near their vehicles (again these require separate subscriptions). These types of security measures can give drivers peace of mind knowing that someone is always looking out for them no matter where they go!

9. Maintenance Reminders 

Another great service offered by Onstar is maintenance reminders which let users know when certain parts of their vehicles need servicing or replacing so that they don’t forget about taking care of important maintenance tasks like oil changes or tire rotations (these reminders are sent directly through email notifications). This helps ensure that drivers stay up-to-date with all necessary maintenance needs so that their vehicles remain running smoothly at all times!

10. Vehicle Health Report 

Finally, another great feature offered by Onstar is its Vehicle Health Report which gives subscribers detailed reports about how well different parts of their cars are performing over time (again this requires separate subscriptions). This report includes things like engine performance data, brake pad wear indicators, fuel economy ratings & more so that drivers can easily keep track of how well their cars are doing and make sure everything is running properly at all times!

Make Sure Everything is Running Properly

Things to Consider When Unlocking Your Car With Onstar

If you’re a car owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the frustration of locking your keys in your car. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times – when you’re running late for work, when it’s pouring rain outside, or when you have a car full of groceries.

1. Make sure your Onstar subscription is active

Before attempting to use the Onstar app or call for assistance, it’s important to confirm that your Onstar subscription is active and up to date. If your subscription has lapsed, you may not be able to access the remote unlock feature.

2. Verify that your vehicle is within range

Onstar relies on a cellular connection to communicate with your car. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is within range of a cellular tower for the remote unlock feature to work. If you’re in a remote or rural area with limited cell service, it’s possible that the feature may not work.

3. Have proper identification

To ensure the security of your vehicle, Onstar will require proper identification before they can unlock your car remotely. This may include verifying your account information or having a PIN code set up for additional security measures.

Verifying Your Account Information


With the help of OnStar, preparing for a car lockout doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. Now you know that if ever you’re locked out, help is just a simple call away. There are some things you can do prior to calling, such as looking for an extra key (if available) or checking to see if your vehicle has an emergency key release.

However, the most reliable and efficient option is OnStar Remote Lock/Unlock Services; their expert advice will take the uncertainty out of being locked out of your car. Be sure to review their plan details and costs in order to select what works best for you.

Getting locked out no longer needs to involve costly destructions or expensive locksmiths – thanks to OnStar you always have peace of mind knowing help is nearby! Take time now and learn how to unlock car with onstar so when that unexpected moment arrives, you’ll have nothing worry about!

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